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Annual Report 2021


In what has been a difficult year for everyone, it has been good to feel the warmth and strength of the fellowship of Y’s Retired, even through the tedious days of lockdown and the inability to hold physical gatherings.

We were particularly saddened by the death of our founder President Reg Wake at the age of 100. For so many, he was an inspiration and a shining example of Christian Service and it is a source of great regret that we have been unable (as yet) to celebrate his life in person.


Our Secretary’s report pays tribute to other friends and colleagues who have passed on to eternal rest. We remember them with gratitude and pray for those who will miss them most. 

We have not been purely inward looking. It was very satisfying to be able to reach out to colleagues in great need in other parts of the world by arranging a donation from the former APS/AOS benevolent fund to be made to Secours Speciaux.

The changing world has brought some advantages! The presence of Zoom has enabled The Scottish group to meet virtually and to have a Presidential Visit! It has also enabled more personal conversations between officers and will enable an AGM to happen in real time.

We hope that during the course of this year we will be able to follow the Scottish model and hold some Regional or National get togethers. We are also looking at freshening up our constitution but we promise not to make that too exciting!

I am sure that everyone will want to join in expressing sincere thanks to David Smith for his tireless editing of the Newsletter, and ‘One YMCA’ in Watford for distributing the hard copies. Thanks to Andrew Jenkins for keeping the finances on track and thanks to Vid Hills fir keeping us all on track.

With the rest of the world, we look forward in faith together to a more positive year when family and friends will be able to share together as we would want.

Graham Clarke


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