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YMCA Women's Auxiliary - "the forgotten angels"


"Tribute is truly deserved for the fantastic work of the YMCA Women's Auxiliary which was founded in 1914. It has to be said that in those early days, as the new century was forming, the YMCA Women's Auxiliary's played a huge part in helping to raise finances to grow and increase the work of the YMCA Movement throughout the British Isles. 

The expansion of the YMCA in Britain would not have been so rapid without the tremendously valuable work that so many women did in the early years of the YMCA and continued doing for over 90 years.  

It has been a privileged to be involved with the formation of this short history of a largely forgotten Women?s Auxiliary. I hope it clearly shows the unfailing support these wonderful women gave to the YMCA Movement. They clearly recognised the part they, and the YMCA could play in giving a good, sound grounding for young men through the generations, helping them to grow in 'mind, body and spirit,' which make up the three corners of the YMCA Red Triangle."

The history of the YMCA Women's Auxiliary is split into three parts of "The Forgotten Angels." Please click on the individual 'links' below to receive the story written and researched by

David H Smith. - you won't be disappointed.


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